The project started with the analysis of the current situations, potential developments, and problems of the chosen site, Santa Rosa City, Laguna. 
The research has then been narrowed down to the focus area -- the newly developed region at the western side of the city, Brgy Don Jose. It is commonly known as the site of the up-and-coming commercial developments along the Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road and the Laguna Technopark. 
Thesis Advisers: Arch. Patrick Gozon and Arch. Michael Tomeldan
Privately developed Residential communities started sprouting in the early 1990s as a result of the rise of the industries in the technopark. Schools, clinics, and commercial establishments then followed to address the needs of the residents. It is a desirable place of residence. 
However, residents are mostly immigrants from different cities causing a weak community culture. There is a lack of familiarity between neighbors. There are also not many things happening. Activity spaces are difficult to access by foot or public transport. With the concerns presented, the identified agenda for the area of study is to prevent residents from keeping themselves confined in their homes and to enhance the sense of community in the area.

In response, the main goal was to create a venue that encourages interaction between people through recreational architecture to develop a stronger sense of community within the growing city.

Zoning Map of Brgy Don Jose, Sta Rosa City

From the site research, an Agenda has been formulated. A Lifestyle Center which provides leisure venues for different people with varying hobbies, interests, and pastimes serves as the key to the Agenda. The Centre has been divided into five public zones: food and retail, physical fitness, social, arts and performance, and serene zones, in which residents could hang out and spend their free time.

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